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Update from Costa Rica! #1

Posted: January 7, 2009 in 2009
Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Amanda and I wanted to take a few brief moments to let you know how things are starting off here in Costa Rica. After a few minor problems in our international travel and MANY blessings from God, we are getting settled into our new home. We are living in a small studio that has been built off of the side of a tico family’s house. We’re consider ourselves fortunate because we do have running water, a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, a microwave, and our own bathroom with a shower.
The first night we were here, our hostess gave us a grand tour of our new home. All of the houses here are shoulder to shoulder with little or no yard space and have bars surrounding the premises.

Our Home

Our Home

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Although they are intimidating looking from the outside compared to the outward appearance of most american homes, the inside of their home have a warm and welcoming feeling to it. Amanda and I felt like we were at home already even before they showed us where we would be living. Once we arrived in our living quarters the family guided us around showing us our little stove and fridge as well as our bed.

Our Bathroom

Our Bathroom

Then they took us to our bathroom (which we cant flush the toilet paper in due to the plumbing). The four year old little boy’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed loudly that we had “HOT water!” The mother smiled and pulled open the shower curtain pointing at this MASSIVE shower head and told us we had hot water. As it turns out, the huge shower head is a kind of “flash water heater” that heats up freezing cold water to slightly warm/luke-warm water. Its not exactly “hot” water, but it is better than showering in ice water any day!!

The family we are staying with are SUPER loving and they have such servant’s hearts towards us.

Our Tico Family

Our Tico Family

Which caught us off guard because we went to serve them, yet they are serving us!
They find ways to serve us, we find ways to serve them back, and the serving cycle continues throughout the day.

As you can imagine by now, there is A LOT of serving going around at the moment!! Hahaha!!

The family consists of Papa, Mama, 2 girls (ages 7 and 9), and a little boy (age 4). Both parents have put forth alot of effort in helping us learn this language in the 4 short days we have been here.

They even encourage us to try and learn with Luis (the 4 year old) because they are teaching him spanish as well!
We truly are blessed to be surrounded by this family and to have such dedication and determination on their end to help ensure that we “get” this whole language thing!!

Earlier today Amanda and I walked the 15 minute walk to the Language Institute for our first day of orientation. The school is very pretty.

School Campus

School Campus

There is a great view of the surrounding mountains as soon as you walk onto campus and it really is breathtaking. After sitting through a few hours of explanation of paperwork, customs, and student visa stuff that you don’t want me to ellaborate on, we got to take a verbal assesment to see which class difficulty setting we should be placed into. Amanda was placed into intermediate and advanced beginner classes. The teacher I spoke with didn’t tell me which class difficulty I would be in. She just smiled and walked me out of the door. …I’m going to beginner classes. 😛
2nd Floor Classroom View

2nd Floor Classroom View

Either way, we are both REALLY excited to get started in learning the language!! God has been SO awesome towards us in more ways than we can list! We can hardly wait to be able to fluently minister and converse with the native ticos of Costa Rica and we are excited to see everything that God will be doing with/through us!!
We are also praying for more breaks in our schedule so that we can spend more time with Jeff and Roxanna Sherril (a missionary couple here in Costa Rica). They are knee-deep in a house remodeling project and we would like to see them finish so their kids can start sleeping in their own rooms!

Lastly, Amanda and I want to sincerly thank any/everybody who has been praying for us and who has blessed us financially. Sometimes it can be discouraging when you pray for something and don’t know if any fruit comes from your prayers or not. I will let you know however, your guys’ prayers have been working POWERFULLY on our behalf!! After we arrived here, we were told our rent was going to be increased to $600 a month instead of the $350 that we were originally told. We decided we would give it to God and seek what He would have us do in this situation. Thanks to you guys praying for our finances and favor here, we have just been told that our monthly bill will be $230 a month!! Thats a hundred and twenty less than we were planning on spending originally!!! Man, God is AWESOME!!!!!


~Pray that God will continue to give us powerful and effective ministry tools/ideas. God has dropped a few ministry ideas on my heart both for secular audiences as well as classmates, so I’m praying for guidence on when to start them and how.

~Be in agreement that finances will continue to pour in so that we can complete the task God has set before us. But also pray that we will recieve way more than the cost of our bills/expenses so that we can bless the people around us. Amanda and I are praying for a way to bless this family with a means to do necessary remodeling so they can continue in their ministry of helping raise up missionaries that will be sent out to the latin americas. The mama washes all the clothes of her family by hand so we would also love to bless them with a washer and dryer as well. We belive God is big enough, so please be in agreement with that with us!

~Since the language school is about to begin, we need TONS of prayer targeting the ability of our minds, comprehension, speaking, energy levels, endurance, and ability to retain all of this new grammarical and pronunciation information.

~Please continue to pray for divine protection everywhere we go and as we walk the streets. We hear reports all the time of robberies and pickpockets. Not to mention, people here drive cars like crazies!! Luckily for us, God rocks and He takes care of His children.

~Continue praying for Amanda and I as a couple. Things are better than ever and we desire to continue to grow in God’s love for one another and grow closer to God than we EVER have. We are realizing very early on how God will bless us through our marriage as we seek Him. Pray that we will continue to sharpen, edify, encourage, and love each other and learn how to do so more and more with each passing day!

~Lastly, as Amanda and I are drawing closer to God, continue to pray that not only will we see Him brighter and clearer than ever before, but also that His love and pressence will radiate off of us EVERYWHERE we go!! We believe the Spirit of God can change the atmosphere of the areas we occupy… so we’re expecting to see the temperatures rise a few degrees here in San Jose!