El tarcer actualización (the THIRD update!)

Posted: May 2, 2009 in 2009

First, we hope you enjoy the new blogging page we found.  Our biggest complaint with the other one was that posting pictures was a PAIN!!  This one is a little more “picture posting friendly” and that makes us feel neat. 😛  As a result, we have updated our old blogs with the pictures that we previously wanted to post, so make sure you go back to take a look-see!!

So Amanda and I have just completed our first trimester of our spanish training!! Woot woot!!  Within the next week, we will be starting our 2nd trimester!! We are both very excited because there is ALOT more emphasis on speaking all

Sun pouring through trees (Monte Verde)

Sun pouring through trees (Monte Verde)

the grammar stuff that got crammed into our brains!  This is where the rubber REALLY meets the road!

Something else that we wanted to share was some of the praise reports we have witnessed in the past month.  As mentioned above, God provided our tuition payment for our 2nd trimester!! Praise God for that huh?! 😀  We have also been blessed with an electronic Franklin Dictionary!  Amanda is going to let me hang on to it while at school since I’m the “gringo!”  The Franklin should help out immensely as we continue to learn this language!!  So thank you very VERY much for that gift and for all of the support!!  We are so blessed for everyone who backs us!!

Thank you all SO much! We love you all!!!

—-{Prayer Requests}—-

We have a request for all of you who constantly stand in agreement with us and pray for us.

We are believing that our 3rd trimester will be paid for as well as our rent and living expenses.  Sometimes it seems that we not make it through the month, but God ALWAYS proves to be awesome on our behalf!!

Please pray that we will understand, comprehend, and speak the spanish language with supernatural ease and that it will begin to feel more like a 1st language instead of our 2nd!  Pray EXTRA fervently for me (Brian)… I sound like I’m a caveman learning spanish!

We are also believing for guidance in where God will be calling us after He finishes with us here at the Language Institute, so please pray that we will have clarity in hearing His will in our lives.  Pray also that doors of effective and powerful ministry will blow open before us. And that God will use us in mighty and wonderful ways to minister to the people we come in contact with!

Lastly, we are still believing for a few more housewares for the home we are staying in, so please stand in faith with us that we will be able to get an all-in-one cabinet/shelve/storage furniture piece.  Amanda and I are planning to bless this family with everything we get for the apartment since they don’t have the means to furnish the apartment themselves.  We feel its a small way to bless their ministry in the Great Commission as they continue to open their home for other missionaries.

Monte Verde, Costa Rica (Rain Forest Preserve)

Monte Verde, Costa Rica (Rain Forest Preserve)


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