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Little Jorge

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Amanda and I have been VERY busy working with teams this past month and a half.  Summer is upon us (in the states at least) and that always means: TEAMS.  We have worked alongside many amazing people and have accomplished a ton!  Most of these teams have been very construction oriented and as a result, 3 families now have a home to call their own!  God is truly at work within all the outreaches, construction projects, feeding center, and the men’s center!  We could write pages about all that He is doing within these projects, however, we wanted to share a slightly different development in our lives.

Lil' Jorge and us

Ever since we have been working in the feeding center in Alajuelita we have known a young man by the name of Jorge.  Jorge is 17 years old and has been diligently serving at the feeding center every day that it has been open and he has a God-sized story lining up for his life.

The first time we met Jorge we noticed how he was perceived by his peers. He was ridiculed, laughed at, called names, and no one cares what he has to say. Still to this day he is viewed as a “dork.” Amanda and I started talking to him and introducing him to the teams that come down to serve and we found out a lot of history regarding this young man’s life.  When Jorge was an infant his grandmother saved his life when she found Jorge’s mother holding him by his feet and slamming him against a wall.  Needless to say, Jorge does not have an active mother in his life.  Jorge’s father is an alcoholic and has no concept of what it means to love. Jorge, his grandmother, and his father all live in a tiny, crumbling house by a cemetery. They have very little money and are extremely poor.

For some reason God had laid Jorge on our hearts.  We began talking to him more and more at the feeding center and as we have, we have noticed how excited he is to see us. He runs up to greets us and stay close to our sides. As we’re listening to the messages before the food is served, I’ll put my arms around his shoulders and his face lights up and he’ll squeeze in a little closer to me. The teams that have met him have fallen in love with his humble and loving spirit and Jorge absolutely LOVES to be surrounded by these loving people who call themselves followers of Christ. After so many years of being rejected and cut down you can totally tell that this guy needs love!

Although I don’t consider people to be “projects.”  We feel God is giving us a “Little Jorge Project” to help disciple, love, and encourage this man of God.  This man needs Godly examples in his life as well as people he can confide in.  We now invite him over to play xbox with us, do bible studies, or watch movies.  Just this week we took Jorge to a movie theater in the mall.  We went to see “The Prince of Persia” (flippin’ sweet movie by the way)!  He told us that this was his first time in a mall, in a theater, and on escalators EVER!!  How cool is that?!  On our way back home, he hugged Amanda and I, thanking us for giving him “the best day he has ever had.”  This broke our hearts.  Not because we felt sorry for him that he is so bad off, but because something as small and meaningless to us as going to the mall to see a movie would mean the world to someone else.  Ya know, maybe God is putting Little Jorge in our lives to teach us a few things about ourselves as well…