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Life sure would be easier as a Costa Rican

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I don’t know that every aspect of life would be easier as a costa rican, but we know that being a missionary to Costa Rica would be easier if we were legal residents!    As of right now, Amanda and I will have to leave Costa Rica every 90 days to a neighboring country for at least three days to remain legal. Every time we leave Costa Rica, we have to buy bus tickets, a hotel room, and food. This roughly costs us $450.00 each time. If we have to do that 4 times a year we will have to pay $1800.00. Times that yearly amount by 5 years and we will have to pay $9,000.00!

After much consideration of the pros and cons, Amanda and I have decided to begin the process to become legal residents here in Costa Rica.  The process is a lengthy one, but once we get the paperwork started and in the government’s system, we will no longer have to leave the country.  This is beneficial for two reasons: One, we wont have to stop the work we are doing with teams and the men center here in Alajuelita. Two, we wont have to use hundreds of your support dollars doing something that feels like a waste of time.

The only catch to getting this whole process started is getting all of the paperwork necessary to begin the filing process.  Amanda and I are planning to return to the states in the middle of August so that we can get her name legally changed to “Blalock” (we left for the mission field 3 days after getting married… we still need to do this)! We will also need to get all the legal documents that the government of Costa Rica needs to take our application.  With that being said, Amanda and I are fund-raising for this residency project.  We will need $1000 to get to get our plane tickets to and from the states, $280 for all of our new passports, documents, and fees.  And $500 a person ($1000) for our lawyer fees in order to get all of our documents and paperwork filed for residency. The grand total comes out to $2,280.  This entire process costs more than one full year of leaving the country, but by the time the second year comes around, we are saving money from that point on.

We would like to ask all of our supporters, family, and friends to pray for this matter on our behalf.  Two-thousand bucks seems like an insane amount of money to Amanda and I, but we realize that $2000 is nothing  to God and that it could be provided through only one of His willing vessels if that was the way He wanted to do it! So please, pray in agreement with us like so many of you have in the past that we will have the finances available to obtain all the necessary documents and to pay for all of the expenses that are required of us!  Thank you for your prayers and for your faithfulness!  We are so blessed to have such a mighty body working with us!!

(( On a side note, Amanda and I took Lil’ Jorge to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D!  He loved it!!  He had never seen anything like it and was completely blown away!  I will admit however, I was NOT expecting for all of us to get all choked up and teary-eyed during the movie… Like seriously, how sad could Toy Story 3 possibly be?! What a bunch of little girls we must be!! ))