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Belief vs Trust

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

God has been showing Amanda and I the difference between believing and trusting. When asked, “What is faith?” There are a ton of answers that we could hear. Faith is believing in the unseen. Faith is the next level of just believing. Faith is blindly walking. You can add your own ideas of faith here as well.

As of recently, a wonderful story of The Great Gordini touched Amanda and I’s hearts. Back in the turn of the 1900’s, a man by the title “The Great Gordini” came to the United States. He was one of the most famous tight-rope walkers of his time and decided to make his claim in the States.
To prove his ability, he ordered a steel cable stretched across the American and Canadian border at the Niagara Falls. Once in place, he made an announcement stating he was going to tight-rope walk across this wire. As you can imagine, hundreds of people and the media gathered to watch a foolish man fall to his death.
At the top of the Falls, the winds are very powerful. At the bottom of the Falls, the water is shallow and littered with sharp rocks. This endeavor was not likely to go in Gordini’s favor.
The Great Gordini began his walk across the wire. One foot in front of the other, ignoring the wind and the roaring sound of the falling water. Finally, he accomplished his final step. He stepped on solid ground. The crowd was amazed (and slightly dissappointed he didn’t fall). He then made an announcement that he would walk the cable again, but this time carrying a weighed down wheel-barrow.
The following week, The Great Gordini was at the high wire yet again, this time with a wheel barrow filled with sand and rocks. This time, even greater crowds were there with even more media coverage. The Great Gordini was foolish, this was the time everyone was going to witness the death of a stupid person pushing a wheel barrow across a windy high-wire with no safety precautions.
Much like the first time, Gordini stepped out onto the wire and placed one foot in front of the other. The only difference was that now he was balancing a heavy wheel barrow in front of him. If the wheel barrow would slip off the cable or fall, the cable spring in random directions due to the lack of the extra weight. Gordini would lose his footing, and if he were lucky, might be able grab the cable with his hands as he fell.
Gordini continued his walk with one foot in front of the other cautiously pushing the heavy wheel barrow in front of him until he made it to the other side. The crowds erupted in cheer and praise at the exceptional feat just demonstrated by The Great Gordini! The media swarmed Gordini with an onslaught of questions. They just witnessed the impossible, this man really is capable of doing what he says he can do!
In the midst of all of the madness, the Great Gordini silenced the crowd and asked them, “How many of you believe I can do it again?!” The crowds exploded in applause and affirmation! They were all believers now. At that moment, Gordini took his wheel barrow and dumped out all of the sand and rocks and asked the cheering crowd, “Who will go with me?!”  …the crowd fell silent.
There was not a single person in the crowd that doubted Gordini’s ability to walk the cable again. They all believed he could do it. But, when asked to  go with him, no one trusted The Great Gordini for their well-being.

I look at this story and I see such parallels into our own spiritual walk.  Yeah, I believe God can provide. Of course I believe God can heal me. Sure, I believe God can set me free from my addiction and sin.  Almost everyone who believes in God also believes that God can do the impossible. However, very few people ever step out of just believing and step into trusting that God will get them to the other side unscathed.
It was once told that when Gordini asked the crowd, “Who will go with me?” A young boy stepped out of the crowd, raising his hand saying, “I’ll go!”  The mere believers stopped the boy and asked him, “Aren’t you affraid of dying?” The young boy smiled and replied, “No, I’m not scared. Thats my daddy!”  This young boy stepped out of believing it was possible and stepped into trusting.
Granted, it probably wasn’t wise to climb into The Great Gordini’s wheel barrow. But it is wise to climb into our heavenly Daddy’s wheel barrow.  There should come a time when we as believers step out of merely believing that God can do what He says in His word and step into trusting that He will do what He says in His word.  Just believing God is sitting on the side-lines hoping to catch a lucky foul ball. Trusting God is rolling up your sleeves, putting on a glove, and becoming active in the game of faith.