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Summer Update

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wow! What an amazing summer! We just got through the busiest part of the year for teams. Within 12 weeks we have hosted 26 teams! Needless to say, we have been incredibly busy this year!
Just this summer alone, God has provided 12 new homes for 12 families who were hurting and in desperate need of a better home. As a result, the local, spanish-speaking church is growing with people who are starting realize just how wonderful and merciful God is!

Despite the emphasis on construction for these past 3 months, the feeding stations have not slowed down a bit! On average, we give out about 1,000 plates of food every month to the hungry and homeless. One new thing that we have recently added is mobile feeding stations. We will make up pots of food and bring them down into the poor neighborhoods where we minister and feed the people therein! It has had such an awesome impact on the people here!
Now that the “summer rush” is officially over, we have a little extra time to focus on some of the other things God has called us to do. Amanda is working on some graphic design projects for 6:8 Ministries as well as the tattoo ministry. We also get to spend more time in the tattoo studio and develop deeper relationships with some of the locals here. Because of Waking Dead Tattoo, we have developed an awesome relationship with a Goth/Heavy Metal couple named Stanley and Gabriella. We met them in the market one morning, invited them to the shop and shortly after, found out that they have been searching for a church that wouldn’t judge them based on their appearance. This has been such a God relationship! They have been coming to church and have been finding ways to get plugged in to help!
We are so blown back to see how God uses the simplest, most practical things to reach people! And here we are thinking that we cannot be effective unless we are doing some complicated, planned out endeavor. Sometimes, giving someone a plate of food can speak louder than any evangelistic revival could. When people realize that they are truly loved, that is when God starts speaking into their lives.
Please continue to pray for Amanda and I. Pray that God will continue to provide for all of our needs and that He would protect us here in Costa Rica. Please pray for Amanda, she has been battling with a severe anxiety and panic attack disorder. We are believing for her freedom from this.  Thank you to everyone who continually supports us out here! Without your offerings to us, we couldn’t be here doing the will of God for our lives!  THANK YOU!!!

We put together a short video for our family, friends, and supporters!

God Rocks the Blalocks! 2011 from Brian Blalock on Vimeo.