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Bitter-Sweet News- Heading State-Side

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

When God called us to Costa Rica He never told us for how long, He simply told us to “go.” Out of obedience we followed His guiding.  People would ask how long we were planning on being on the field and our response was always the same, “until God tells us otherwise.”

    Amanda and I have praying seriously over the past 3 months regarding God’s call on our life.  We began to feel that God was leading us in a new direction. This was completely unexpected for both of us. There is so much that we have fallen in love with in Costa Rica; the people, the culture, the scenery, the 6:8 Ministry staff, and the mission teams that have come down.  Over the past four and a half years we have been so incredibly blessed as God has done some amazing things in and through us. We have witnessed lives changed, relationships mended, bodies healed, families provided for, and growth in the local Costa Rican church! God has used our time here to shape and mold us into what He wants from us.  He has brought out gifts and passions in us that we had no idea were there, and has shown us how we could use these gifts for His glory. God has taught us the importance of faith and trusting in Him and has shown us favor in so many situations that it has been unreal!

   With all of that being said, we believe God is calling us stateside once again. This decision has been both very difficult and extremely easy all at once. On one hand, it is easy because we know that this is the next step God has for us. We believe that following God’s call in our life is always be a “no-brainer.”  However, this decision was extremely difficult because of the all the relationships we have made during our time here. There will be many people we will greatly miss; 6:8 staff, local church members, all of the relationships we have made in the neighborhoods and slums, and not mention all of the friends from the various mission groups that have come down to serve alongside us throughout the years.

  Therefore, Amanda and I are planning on returning to the United States in mid September. We believe God has called us to North Carolina to pursue the tattoo ministry He birthed in us only a few years ago. The reason we chose September is that the summer months are among the busiest for 6:8 Ministries, so we wanted to finish strong, and not to place the 6:8 staff in a tough position of being short-staffed.
  Asking for money has always been very difficult for both of us. Since the beginning of our missionary journey we have struggled with the best way to raise our personal support and communicate our needs. Actually, for us, living and serving in a crime-infested, impoverished inner-city came much easier than having to ask others for money. In spite of our struggle God has provided in some miraculous ways. We have been so blessed with many faithful supporters, and we love and appreciate each of you.

   Once again we are in need of help from our supporters, friends, and family. When Amanda and I moved down here, we sold everything in order to come. We believe God is calling us to sell everything and move again. Therefore, from a worldly point of view we will be returning with nothing, basically will be starting over again from scratch. Our current monthly support of about $900, barely enough to cover our living expenses, which will still need to be covered until we leave. Given our current financial situation it would be impossible that we would ever be able to afford plane tickets, or the funds for initial living expenses once we arrive. (security deposit, rent, furnishings, cell phones, vehicles, etc…)

  Therefore, we are praying once again for God to provide in miraculous ways. We are asking you to prayerfully consider helping us transition from the mission field back to the United States. We have set a goal of $5,300.00 which will allow us to purchase plane tickets and set-up life and a home. Any support given is GREATLY appreciated! Once we return, we will no longer be asking for personal support, however your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  Please, please, PLEASE, continue to pray for us. This transition will be a tough one for both of us. We are also leaving behind our babies (our dog and miniature pig) which will be hard. Pray that God will meet our needs and that the transition would go smoother than expected.

  Again, thank you for everyone who has been faithfully supporting us and thank you in advance to everyone who will help support us in getting back stateside! We love you!!

  We have always purposed to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions at all, please email us or shoot us a message on facebook.  “