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3 Week Countdown!

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Amanda and I are finishing up with our last group of the summer rush and are preparing to head back to the states. This really has been the most amazing 3 1/2 years of our lives! It is crazy to think that we will be leaving Costa Rica in 3 weeks to begin the next chapter!
We put a budget of $5300 together to cover all of our expenses to get back to the states and to get settled. Unfortunantly, we have only raised $500 of our goal. That is less than 10% and we are scheduled to head out in less than a month. Please pray for us. At this rate, we will need a financial miracle to get to the next destination God has for us.
When Amanda and I moved down here, we sold everything we had and relied on the help and support of a small handful of faithful supporters a month. We will be starting from scratch yet one more time and we need help from our supporters, friends, and family. Please prayfully consider donating to help us meet our $5300 goal. Any help offered would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you again for all of your prayers, support, and encouraging words!


One of the crappiest situations I have ever seen.

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today was Amanda and I’s day off from working with teams. Since the beginning of summer, we have been swamped with team after team after team (note: this is a GREAT thing)!
When we have time off, we like to relax and make sure we get some of the rest that we need to avoid burning out. However, today threw us an unexpected curve ball. Around 3pm we received a call from one of our closer relationships in the neighborhood “Nuevo Milenio.” This is an incredibly poor neighborhood made up of squatters and busted-up, makeshift homes. The call was from our friend Maria.

Nuevo Milenio


Maria has dealt with bad situation after bad situation. She is constantly struggling against issues with hateful abusive family members, violent crack-head neighbors, and a home that is shared by 9 people but that is no bigger than a child’s room and small hallway. Even though her situation and story are incredibly heart-breaking, this woman will find a reason to smile.

Today we found out that the neighboring block’s septic pipe broke right into Maria’s home. Her house was LITERALLY flooded with crap 3 feet high. As the pipe unloaded all of it’s contents into her home, her and her family scattered in order to salvage some of the few possessions they own. The force of the raw sewage tore apart the walls in her home causing it to collapse. They lost most of their clothes. The little bit of food they had was ruined (Maria told us that the only food her household had to eat today was a single egg and a tomato that was shared among them all). The only part of the house that was unaffected was a small room that was built on an incline off to the side of the house. This small room (just inches from an entire neighborhood’s ruptured septic line) will be where the 9 members of the family will sleep until they can figure out what to do.
Amanda and I were blessed to be able to bring them some food this evening so they can at least eat something tonight and in the morning. We will be returning tomorrow with some of the 6:8 Ministry staff to see if there is anything we can offer to help.
This is a very difficult situation for Maria and her family. I can’t help but to evaluate my own life and wonder how I can complain when I see people living in conditions like this. We really are SO blessed. Please pray for Maria and her family. Pray also for the other neighbors living in this small squatter community. Maria’s family received the brunt of it all, but everyone in the neighborhood is getting sick as well. Pray that God provides them health and healing, a clean place to live, some clean clothes, some food, and His peace to get through this heartache.

Maria receiving her first Bible from a team a few months ago