About Us

Brian & Amanda  

Amanda and I met by accident one day on MySpace (of all places).  After talking for a few months, we realized that God had made us for each other.  The hardest part of our relationship was that we lived 700 miles apart.  I never liked the idea of a long distance relationship and vowed I would never get involved in one, but when God sets you up with the perfect person, all of the sudden, it becomes worth the wait.  For 3 years we spoke over the phone every night and only saw each other in person 10 times.  We knew we were supposed to get married, but we never felt that the timing was right to do so. Throughout our relationship, God had been guiding our hearts to serve as missionaries somewhere in the Latino Americas.  After much prayer and waiting on God’s timing, we felt that God was finally calling us to get married and immediately leave for the mission field.

After 3 long years of living 700 miles apart, Amanda and I got married on December 27th 2008.  Three days after our wedding, we were on a plane to Costa Rica to attend a language school to begin following the call of God on our lives.  We knew that God wanted us to go to Costa Rica.  However, we had NO idea what we were to do once we completed our language training. This was the ultimate faith-tester.  God had told us to go somewhere, but we didn’t know what was to come next.  We had to trust that He would guide us with the next steps.

Throughout our year of language school, we prayed that God would continue to guide us and that He would let us know what we were to be doing after school was over.  Near the end of our school year (and near the time to return home), God brought us to a wonderful ministry in Alajuelita, Costa Rica.  We were invited to come and check out the ministry before we left back to the states.  As soon as we set foot on the grounds that 6:8 Ministries were working on, our hearts grew excited and a passion grew for the men, women, and children within this community!  Amanda and I simultaneously looked at each other grinning, and without saying a word we knew what the other was thinking- “THIS is where God wants us to be!!”  All year we were seeking God in where He needed us to be next and within a matter of moments He let us know His will beyond a shadow of a doubt!

We are so grateful that God would bring us to a place where He can use our talents for His glory!  We now have opportunities to do all of the things that we are passionate about from outreach to art!  We are able to love the unloved and help the hurting people in the streets.  We are also in charge of helping run a homeless men’s shelter. Amanda has plenty of graphic design work to do. I have opportunities to lead, encourage, and teach the short-term teams that come down through devotionals.  I can help lead praise and worship with my djembe (percussion instrument).  There are so many needs in Alajuelita and so many amazing opportunities to bring hope to the people here.  We can’t help but to feel humbled and honored that God would call us to such a beautiful place with such a beautiful people!